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Filthy rugs, dirty overhangs and grimey furniture don’t make your outdoor living space very ‘livable’. North Lake Washing provides affordable add-on services including a deep cleaning of outdoor furniture, rugs and overhangs to transform your unappealing outdoor space to one that is warm and inviting.

Rain and snow can cause mildew and can make your once-beautiful outdoor furniture unappealing and odorous. North Lake can power-wash sturdy furniture and decor, such as fountains, and restore them to their original beauty. Add this to any other power-washing service for a nominal fee.

Service Overview

In Bay Village and surrounding cities, it isn’t uncommon to have midges, spiderwebs, and other bugs on the outside of your home, making it appear unsightly and dirty. North Lake can pressure wash these areas to clear all bugs, dirt and spider-webs, welcoming your guests with a clean, shiny exterior.

When exposed to the elements, outdoor rugs can get dirty and even grow mildew over time. North Lake can easily restore your rugs to a like-new appearance by power-washing them with the surface cleaner. You can add this service to any other power-washing service for a nominal fee.

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