Mildew on Siding May Cost You Thousands

Mildew on Siding May Cost You Thousands in Northeast, Ohio

Residing near Lake Erie offers charming, affordable, family-friendly living in Northern Ohio in close proximity to the warmest, most inviting waters of all of the Great Lake beaches.  With your pick of century homes, modern homes and everything in-between, there is something here for everyone.  No matter what its age, everyone wants their home to stand the test of time.  Regular upkeep and maintenance are the keys to ensuring that it lasts for decades or even centuries to come.

In addition to all of the reasons to love living in Northern Ohio, there is one common drawback when it comes to home ownership in the area.  Such close proximity to Lake Erie, combined with an average of 197 days of cloudy skies per year, can cause mold and mildew to grow on your siding.  Additionally, if your house is surrounded by mature trees, and is constantly shaded, it is even more likely to develop a fungus problem.  Mold and mildew thrive in dark places.  If you don’t have mature trees on your property, you aren’t necessarily in the clear.  A shed or porch roof that blocks the sun on one side of your house can also create a cool, dark environment in which mold and mildew can become established.  

With or without an obstruction to sunlight, any cracks in your siding or window headers may create an entryway for fungi to grow and thrive by allowing water and mold spores to seep into these cracks as water flows off of your roof, spawning mold to grow behind the siding.  If left untreated, mold can cause structural damage to your home over time, leading to damage to foundation walls, rotting sheathing, and inviting insect infestations.  This may sound very frightening, we know.  The good news is that there are steps you can take to remove mold and mildew while preventing further growth.

Not Removing Mildew on Siding May Cost You Thousands

With annual (or more, if necessary) exterior house cleaning, mold and mildew can safely and easily be removed, ensuring that your investment in your home is protected.  Exterior cleaning can take the form of pressure washing or soft washing and the choice you make can determine whether your siding will have a short or long lifespan.  

For delicate or painted siding, soft washing is always the preferred option for cleaning.  This is because pressure washing uses high-pressure to spray water that can damage siding, windows, roof shingles, and other parts of a house.  In contrast, soft washing uses low-pressure to spray water that is mixed with diluted, biodegradable chemicals that can kill mold and algae as well as remove dirt and stains, with no harm to your foundational plants and trees.  In the long run, soft-washing prevents the organic growth that can discolor your siding or accelerate its deterioration, reducing its lifespan.  Saving you money over time, soft washing can make your home shine like new again, boosting curb appeal for a fraction of the price of other exterior home services such as painting.  

At North Lake Pressure Washing, LLC, we specialize in soft washing roofs and siding.  Our 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook speak for themselves.  We use professional equipment and are experienced in the application of protective coverings and eco-friendly chemicals to ensure the safety of your landscaping.  We are a local, family-owned and operated company and have lived and worked in Bay Village, Rocky River, Avon and Avon Lake and Westlake since 2002.  

The easiest and most affordable way to maintain your home and ensure its value and beauty is to sign up for our Yearly Membership Service.  See for details.

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